Any Sunny Spot



My dog Gabriel is a lot like me.  We both get chilly easily on these autumn mornings.  Although he has lovely sweaters, beautiful coats, (nicer than mine) and soon his own pair of leg warmers, he always looks for any sunny spot.

I understand.  The sun has the power to melt cobwebs, warm the bones and transform the soul – even on days that carry the biggest challenges.  

Today I wondered if the stiffness I feel in the morning is the progression of Scleroderma, or simply the stiffness of being a bit older.  A question to be pondered in any sunny spot.



The Death of a Friend

I still think of myself as 25 so when a friend dies it seems untimely and just plain wrong. When Gay’le died just recently I was shocked.  She died in her sleep.  The theory was a heart attack.

Gay’le was amazing.  One of the last few 100% Blackfoot Native Americans left on the planet.  She had a huge Spirit and our bond was one of sisters. Although we often joked about human foibles she was committed to helping people out of their bad choices.  I have no doubt that she is continuing to work across the veil throwing out a funny comment or two while chastising those in her care. 

Gay’le had pancreatitis and it had reportedly been under control.  Heart problems did run on the male side of her family and took many of them before the age of 50. Gay’le made it to 61.  I couldn’t help wondering if the cause boiled down not to genetics but to the bacteria related to pancreatitis.  Did it also invade her heart? If she had been treated for the bacteria could she have escaped this demise???  The bacterial/viral cause of illness is so often overlooked.

I will miss my sister.



Chasing a Cure For Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue, or what I call Crushing Fatigue is an active element in just about every autoimmune disease.

According to Dr. Garth Nicolson, it is mycoplasma that is often the culprit; biting into your cells and then hiding inside of them. That mycoplasma attack, duck and cover starts the immune system on a cascade of badness.

As I understand the processthe next thing that takes a hit is the cell’s ability to produce energy.  Eventually the cell dies sending debris into your bloodstream.  So what to do?  Tired beyond tired is typical when you have an autoimmune disease!  A new product may be the answer to your prayers – NT Factor.  This product actually rebuilds cell walls and heals the damage inflicted by the evil mycoplasma.  I just ordered it and will keep you posted.  Sure hope it works!

Dreams and Illness Part II

So you now have your Dream Journal.  Hand made ones are the best – not just any old spiral notebook that you keep your grocery lists in – make it special – dreams only.  Write in it every morning AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP.  Otherwise your dreams will disappear like clouds on a windy day.  If you don’t remember your dreams upon awakening, write a message to your dreaming mind.  Something like – “Where were you all last night?  Missed you.”

This effort will pay off.  Keep at it and next we’ll discuss a plan for getting answers to questions, and with illness there are many questions that need answers.

Dream analysis tonight

Join me and Psychic Medium Helene Olsen for a radio show tonight on dream analysis.

Helene has a new show on Late Night in the Midlands beginning at 11:00 PM tonight.

She has asked me to be her guest and discuss the mysterious world of dreams.

The Zombie Plague is here

Yes, The Zombie Plague is real and its affecting more people every day.  Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

It’s contagious, it’s incurable (so far), and it’s spreading like wild fire.

Check back with my blog and follow me on Twitter @zombieplague1  to get the truth and all the latest bulletins.

Make no mistake about it –

The Zombie Plague is here.